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Frequently asked questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

A EORI is assigned to Importers and Exporters by HMRC and is used to process customs clearance for both Imports & Exports.

Allows UK businesses to declare and recover import VAT on a VAT return. Rather than having to pay it upfront.

A Deferment account is a facility available to utilise in order to pay your customs taxes at time of Import. Full details can be found here    

As a minimum, a commercial invoice and packing list are required for a standard customs declaration.

If you are shipping goods to or from the UK from the EU or the rest of the world, your goods will require customs formalities. Contact our helpful team today for more information.

When shipping goods by Sea, cargo will be loaded into a shipping container, loaded onto a vessel for voyage. We advise you contact a shipping agent like ourselves to discuss best options for your business whether that be a full or part container, and to guide you for the process.

Ocean Freight Charges are the costs either for a whole container, or for part shipments generally charged per Cubic metre to transit your goods from port to port only. There are more costs involved at both origin and destination like handling, and also customs requirements to follow. Please get in touch to discuss your business requirements and receive a free no obligation quote.

Yes it is, but we understand for your time critical shipments sometimes there is no other choice to meet them urgent deadline, or line stoppers!

Typically as an example from China, Airfreight transit time is 1 to 3 days depending on service options, compared to approx. 4 or 6 weeks if sent by sea by sea depending on region.

We are able to cover all modes of transportation globally thanks to our network of dedicated partners who can assist with any local formalities you require us to arrange at origin or destination.

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